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A Spectral Image of Self

Sep 26, 2007 – Oct 3, 2007
A Spectral Image of Self is an exhibition of new time-based media works curated by Pamela Auchincloss of the Artist Pension Trust (APT).

“Self-portraiture figures largely in the exhibition,” explained Auchincloss. “Yet the selections also recognize the universality of traumatic incidents that are an inevitable and, in many respects, prosaic part of life.” Auchincloss is an established figure in both commercial and institutional art realms and, currently, serves as co-director of the Artist Pension Trust, a global organization that serves emerging and mid-career artists.

Seven APT artists from Europe and America are included in the exhibition: Yael Bartana, Beth Campbell, Anthony Goicolea, Bradley McCallum, Jacqueline Tarry, Julika Rudelius, and Aïda Ruilova. Their works explore diverse topics ranging from oblique relationships and the fragmentation of time in Ruilova’s No, No (2004) and 3-2-1 (I Love You) (2002) to the ephemeral nature of beauty in Rudelius’ Forever (2006) and the relationship between ritual and national identity in Bartana’s Profile (2005).

All of the show’s artists employ digital technology, which, over the last forty years has become a significant medium within the visual arts, transforming how individuals not only create, but also experience, art. Rejecting the confines of traditional media, these artists use the still-nascent art form to create dynamic narratives of moving images that engage viewers to become participants—not mere observers—of the work.

Accompanying lecture by Julika Rudelius, “Innocence and Manipulation”

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